Glossopdale School

Transport Information

Morning Service
Bus Number Operator / Service Route Times
1 Smiths of Marple Whitfield – Charlestown Road 07:42
Commercial Sheffield Rd – Shirebrook 
Shirebrook Drive 07:50
Glossop Town Hall 08:00
High Street West
Primrose Lane
Simmondley New Road 08:05
Simmondley – Pennine Road (Co-Op)
Simmondley Lane
Dinting Vale
Glossop Road – Gamesley 08:15
Melandra Castle Road – Gamesley
Glossop Road
Newshaw Lane
237 Stagecoach Mottram – Back Moor 07:54
Commercial Hollingworth – Gun Inn 07:59
Tintwistle – New Road 08:06
Hadfield Station 08:12
237 Stagecoach Shirebrook Drive, Hurstbrook Close 07:55
Commercial Glossop Market Hall 08:02
393 High Peak Padfield – Peels Arms 07:59
Commercial Hadfield – Railway station 08:03
HADFIELD – Green Lane 08:07
341 Stotts  Mottram – Market Street 07:23
Commercial Broadbottom Train Station 07:27
Charlesworth – George & Dragon 07:33
Gamesley 07:39
Simmondley – Werneth Road 07:48
Glossop - Henry Street 07:56
Change at Market Hall – 01 bus (See above) 08:00
390 High Peak Whitfield – Wesleyan School 07:39
Commercial Glossop – Henry Street 07:44
Change at Market Hall – 01 bus (See above) 00:00
394 High Peak Chisworth bus shelter 08:01
Commercial Charlesworth – George & Dragon 08:05
Gamesley 08:11
Change to school bus – 01 bus (See above) 08:15
Afternoon Service
Bus Number Operator / Service Route Mon - Thurs Friday
1 Smiths of Marple GLOSSOPDALE SCHOOL 15:35 14:35
Commercial Glossop Road - Gamesley
Melandra Castle Road – Gamesley
Glossop Road – Gamesley 15:05 14:05
Dinting Vale
Simmondley Lane
Simmondley – Pennine Road (Co-Op)
Simmondley New Road 16:00 15:00
Primrose Lane
High Street West
Glossop Market Hall 16:05 15:05
Shirebrook Drive – Shirebrook Park 16:15 15:15
Sheffield Road – Shirebrook Park
Whitfield – Charlestown Road 16:25 15:25
237 Stagecoach GLOSSOPDALE SCHOOL 16:32 15:32
Commercial Hadfield Station 16:37 15:37
Tintwistle – Church Inn 16:42 15:42
Hollingworth – Gun Inn 16:57 15:57
Mottram – Back Moor 17:02 16:02
390 High Peak Glossop - Henry Street 16:15 15:35
Commercial Whitfield 16:02 15:45
393 High Peak Green Lane – The Chieftain 16:12 15:12
Commercial Glossop – Henry Street 16:03 15:03
Queens Drive 16:34 15:34
Shirebrook Park 16:37 15:37
394 High Peak Glossop – Market Hall 16:38 14:38
Commercial Gamesley – Edale Crescent 16:48 14:48
Charlesworth – George and Dragon 16:55 14:55
Chisworth –Hunters Inn 16:58 14:58

Buses at the beginning and end of the school day are not supervised by school staff when in transit. We are nevertheless determined to eradicate poor behaviour on buses. Students should therefore adhere to the expectations set out in the ‘Climate for Learning’ policy. Failure to do so will result in the student being banned from travelling on the buses. Should this occur, it would remain the parent’s responsibility to ensure the student’s safe return home at the end of the school day.

Changes to B-Line Bus Passes from 1 August 2015

All young people who live in Derbyshire are eligible for a card, not just those in full time education.  This means, apprentices, and young people on training courses, working or looking for work, will qualify for cheaper fares on local buses and trains.  These are free of charge for the first issue.  Any lost or replaced cards cost £5.

Orange b_line1 card 11 year olds -16th birthday.  This entitles the cardholder to the bus or rail company’s own discounts.

Purple b_line2 card 16 year olds -19th birthday.  This entitles the cardholder to 25% off the full adult bus or rail fare

B_line card discount does not apply to ‘Smiths of Marple’ buses.  At time of print their fares are £1.50 whether for just 1 stop or 10.

Both cards will continue to be valid for discounts at more than 600 local shops and businesses and as library cards.

Application forms for both types of b_line card may be obtained from the school office.

More information about b_line can be found at


Application for Free School Transport

Application for free school transport may only be made if the student lives within the normal catchment area of the School and lives more than three miles from the site attended. 

Children aged 11 to 16 who are entitled to free school meals or whose families get the maximum level of working tax credit, are entitled to free transport to school where the distance is between two and six miles.  For help and assistance see the link below.

Journey Planner Link / Help and Advice -

Transport Problems 

From time to time students experience problems with buses being late, not turning up or breaking down.  Whilst school staff do their best to ensure any difficulty is kept to a minimum, the responsibility lies with the School Transport Section at County Hall, Matlock. Parents are asked to express concerns about late transport etc. directly with the department - telephone 01629 580000.