Glossopdale School

Climate for Learning

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Here you will find our the Climate for Learning policy and practice at Glossopdale School.  This includes our expectations, rewards and sanctions.

The basic principles which inform our code of conduct are those of praise and reward.

The following strategies are promoted at Glossopdale to develop a positive learning environment and to promote achievements in the classroom.

Positive classroom practice:

  • Communicating an enthusiasm for the subject being taught
  • The positive use of Assertive Discipline (e.g. using the rewards system)
  • Teachers being a positive role model (e.g. for punctuality)
  • Regular verbal praise
  • Praise letters and postcards to be sent home to parents
  • Communication on a regular basis with parents through study planners
  • Use of seating plans
  • Clear objectives written on the board at the start of lessons
  • Differentiation i.e. tasks set at the appropriate level for students
  • Attractive environments which encourage learning including resources such as word walls
  • The use of prior attainment data to set challenging targets and inform planning
  • High expectations for students and colleagues alike
  • High quality planning that includes for pace, progress and continuity


We strongly believe that praise and reward is the most important part of any approach to behaviour management.  As a result we have a well-developed rewards system.

 The following things are available as rewards for students:

  •  Verbal Praise
  • Star of the Week – staff nominate their star of the week and all the names go into a weekly draw
  • Students show their good work to a senior member of staff
  • Writing specific positive comments on work done
  • Reward Stickers - Many students enjoy being given reward stickers on good pieces of work.
  • Reward Slips - The Climate for Learning slip includes the opportunity to inform Year Managers of any students who deserve reward. These are entered on the student behaviour database and monitored regularly by the Student Progress Manager to help them identify and reward positive achievement. 
  • Reward Trips – Every term students performing well in all aspects of school life are invited to take part in a reward trip.
  • Postcards - The school has a range of postcards that can be sent home to parents praising students’ achievement.
  • Awards Assemblies - Every half term there is a progress awards assembly.
  • Letters - For exceptional pieces of homework or classwork, parents may receive a letter of praise to inform them of their child’s achievements.
  • Certificates - These can be given for behaviour or performance, e.g. exceptional homework.
  • Prize Giving - There is an award ceremony at the end of the year to which parents are invited.
  • Principal’s Commendation Certificates - These are for exceptional homework, classwork or help within the community and are given to students by the school Principal.



  •  To be on time
  • To wear the correct uniform
  • To be properly equipped
  • To respect staff and peers
  • To try your best


1st time an expectation is not met                                      Verbal warning

 2nd time an expectation is not met                                     Name on board X = 10 min detention

 3rd time an expectation is not met                                     XX by name = 20 min detention

 4th time an expectation is not met                                     XXX by name = call out (senior staff/Year Manager involvement) = warning and return or removal 

Repeated call outs or other serious                                    Fixed term exclusion

infringements of the rules