Our Governors play an active part in driving our school to achieve success.

A full list of our Governors and their terms of office can be found here:

Governor Information

Category Governor Term of Ofice
Local Authority Norman Godfrey 24.3.2014 23.4.2018
Co-opted Alison Pearce 9.12.2017 8.12.2021
Co-opted Roger Clegg 21.10.2017 20.10.2020
Parent Tracy-Jane Fielding 22.4.2016 21.4.2020
Staff Alison Noone 25.1.2018 24.1.2022
Co-Opted Liz Woolley 11.2.2015 10.2.2019
Co-Opted Julie Soboljew (Chair) 11.2.2015 10.2.2019
Co-Opted Peter Ryan 11.2.2015 10.2.2019
Co-Opted Stephen Foote 11.2.2015 10.2.2019
Co-Opted Kath Cox 11.2.2015 10.2.2019
Co-Opted Peter Green 19.10.2015 18.10.2019
Co-Opted John Wilkinson 19.10.2015 18.10.2019
Co-Opted Josh Maun Townley 17.9.2016 16.9.2020
Parent  Steve McFarlane 15.5.2016 14.5.2020
Co-Opted Pia Pollock 4.12.2017 3.12.2021
Associate  David Myerscough (L&E) 17.9.2014 16.9.2018
Associate Catherine Grills 13.7.2015 12.7.2019


Committee Membership

Glossopdale Governing Body Committee Memberships 2017-18 
Learning and Experience Committee 
 Liz Woolley (Chair)
Steve Playford 
Kathleen Cox 
Julie Soboljew
Norman Godfrey
Pia Pollock
John Wilkinson
Peter Green
Tracy-Jane Fielding 
Resources and Support Committee 
Stephen Foote (Chair)
Steve Playford 
Alison Pearce
Peter Ryan
Roger Clegg
Norman Godfrey
Julie Soboljew 
Josh Maun Townley 
Claire Whetstone
Alison Noone 
Pay Committee 
Julie Soboljew (Chair)
Stephen Foote 
Alison Pearce
Rapid Progress Group
Julie Soboljew 
Stephen Foote 
Steve Playford  
John Wilkinson (Chair)
Peter Ryan 
Tracey-Jane Fielding
Liz Woolley

Governors Attendance

If you wish to contact any of the Governing body, you should do so through the Clerk to the Governors via the school.

Glossopdale School, Talbot Road, Glossop, Derbyshire SK13 7DR

Telephone: 01457 862336    

Fax: 01457 892718    


Governors Meeting Dates 2016-17