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Homework is set on a regular basis to develop independent study habits, as well as to complete and improve the standard of the learning.  Every student has a copy of the homework timetable and should record all work set in their study planner.  Tutors should check and sign study planners each week.  Any concerns regarding homework should be communicated to your child’s tutor via the study planner.

Catering Homework - Year 11

Yr 11 Catering Homework for the year ahead

English Homework - Year 10 and 11

Animal Farm - Homework Booklet

AQA Language Paper 2 Reading Extracts

Romeo and Juliet Character Homework

Homework Reading Paper 1

Homework Reading Paper 2

Poetry Homework Booklet

C3 Homework Projects - Year 7 and Year 8 

September 2018

Year 7: Identity

Year 8: My Community 

 Food Technology Lessons - Ingredients Lists 

Ingredients Lists (click here) Page will be updated.

Year 11 Homework plan

October homework - Timeplans for dishes they are cooking for their coursework – need to be dovetailed. Bringing in ingredients for their coursework – ensure that recipes are chosen based on target grade

Exam question on operation of the kitchen and front of house. Ingredients for Vol au vents (homemade puff pastry and Chicken veloute)

Exam question on job roles and working conditions Ingredients for Steamed syrup pudding and custard

Model answer writing on Customer requirements on. Ingredients for a free choice dish to meet specific needs.

Exam question on personal safety responsibilities. Ingredients for adapting a meal to make it healthier.

Create knowledge organiser/ revision notes on personal safety. Ingredients for healthy chicken pie.

Create knowledge organiser for control measures. Ingredients for free choice practical on healthy eating.

Create revision resources for areas covered so far. Ingredients for Mine pies + meringue tops or baked Alaska.


Create revision resources for food related causes of ill health. Ingredients for Souffles.

Exam question for EHO. Ingredients for either tortellini (Higher grade) or Italian pudding (Lemon meringue) – Practical split into two groups

Exam question for legislation. Ingredients for either tortellini (Higher grade) or Italian pudding (Lemon meringue) – Practical split into two groups

Exam question for food poisoning. Ingredients for chicken ballontine with gratin potatoes.

Create revision resources / knowledge organiser for food poisoning.

Get organised for Coursework and exam – write model answers, review any areas unsure of.