About the Library at Glossopdale

The Libraries are vibrant, attractive areas of the college available to students before morning registration, during breaks and also for homework at the end of the day. Experienced Librarians are available so students always have the opportunity to ask for help and advice. The college works with the ethos that “Everything Starts with Reading”.

There are areas in the Libraries dedicated to Fiction, Non-Fiction and Reference books with a wide selection of titles and resources in each section on both Hadfield and Glossop Sites. At Hadfield, both the Fiction and Non-fiction areas have an extensive collection of Accelerated Reader titles to choose from at all levels. There are also specialist collections dedicated to Post 16 students and for younger users. The Libraries have study spaces for individual work as well as banks of computers where students will be taught research and literacy skills.

The resources available are all recorded on our Catalogue – by Microlibrarian  – which is available in the each Library and throughout the College. This is supplemented by online resources such as Issue Online, Emagazine…

“The Libraries exist to

  • support students and staff in the process of learning, teaching and personal development, through the provision of high quality information collections and related services.
  • focus on developing student skills in the areas of finding and using information both in printed and ICT formats.
  • raise the standards of literacy through encouraging students to gain a love and enjoyment of books and reading, with the ability to reflect on what they have read”

Library Team

Library Facilities

Printing: There are black and white and colour printers in each Library, available for college related printing by all our users.  In the interests of economy, users are asked to check with Library staff before sending documents to the printers.

Information Literacy: The Library offers lots of helpful advice and sessions to help you learn how to find and manage information.

Online Resources: The Library offers a range of web based information. Please ask the Librarians.

Computers: The computers can be booked by individual students during their break and lunch times or free study periods. Please ask at the counter to book a computer for your work.

Study Spaces: Work tables are available for you to study and read at. Please be aware that you are surrounded by students who need the quiet and academic atmosphere of the Library to achieve.

Catalogue Terminals: There is catalogue terminal located in a central place in each Library.  Staff and students can use the catalogue whenever they need to search for sources within the Library or online resources.

Enquiry Desk/ Issue Counter: The purpose of the enquiry desk is to address any queries regarding the use of the library catalogue, online resources and finding items you need within the Library. You can also change your reading books here.

Accelerated Reader

The school runs the Accelerated Reader (AR) scheme for all Year 7 students and selected Year 8 students. We have an excellent record for promoting reading using this motivational tool and students enjoy reading and quizzing large numbers of books. Students gain a reading level, choose books according to interests and ability and sit online quizzes to show understanding. Rewards and competitions further encourage reading for pleasure. AR happens during a weekly English lesson in the Library and students are set reading targets for homework every week.

Read about how Accelerated Reader works here

Login to ARHomeConnect see your progress so far with Accelerated Reader

LIbrary Information

Opening Hours

8:15 am – 4:00 pm

 Borrowing Information

Students: 2 books for 14 days each

Staff: Unlimited number of items, one month loan period

To make the Libraries enjoyable environments for everyone, we ask all users to adhere to the following:

  • No food or drink
  • Coats off
  • Work quietly: read, study, research, borrow and return books
  • Mobile Free Zone
  • No sitting on the floor
  • Do not move the furniture
  • Respect the resources

Recommended Reading

Find out what our students are reading for pleasure here