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Why is revision important?

  • It helps you to learn and improve on your skills.
  • Gives a better understanding of the topics covered in your exams.
  • Helps you to commit to memory what you have learnt during your course.
  • To help you practice planning and writing answers.

It is good practice to do some revision all year round as you will able able to find out what is the best way of revising for you, how best to set out the information you need to work through, are you better revising alone or with a friend? Do you prefer several short revision sessions or a longer period?  This way as you head towards your exams you will be well prepared to make a revision timetable to suit you and the topics covered in each course will be easy to work through.  Click here for a detailed guide filled with helpful hints and tips to make revising for exams easier along with links to other resources for revision.


 English - Year 11


Science - Year 11






Religious Studies

Paper 1: Beliefs and Practices

Paper 2: Thematic studies, Revision materials