Glossopdale School

Target Setting

You may be aware of a number of changes to the way in which your child’s progress and achievement will be measured in college, in line with changes made for all schools in England. Students in KS3 will embark upon a programme of study following the new National Curriculum this year. In previous years we have used ‘levels’ to describe students’ progress through the National Curriculum programmes of study but these levels have been removed in the new National Curriculum. Alongside this change is the move from traditional A*-C GCSE grade to new GCSEs graded from 9-1. The vast majority of your child’s GCSEs will be graded this way.

It is our aim to ensure that all parents have timely, accurate information on the progress and achievement of their child so that we can work in partnership with you and your child to make sure they are on track to achieve outstanding outcomes and to inform conversations about next steps.

Throughout the year we will be tracking and reporting two measures. We believe these measures will give you the most useful information on how well your child is doing in school. All of your child’s subject teachers will be asked to provide information on your child’s Effort and Progress.

 All students come into year 7 with information about their attainment in English and maths from primary schools. We will use this information to set students ambitious targets for each year which will demonstrate good progress by the end of year 11. Students who exceed targets will have their targets raised. 

Teachers have developed grids which show the skills, knowledge, understanding and application for each grade from 9 to 1. These are broadly in line with what we expect a GCSE grade to be like. No students have sat the new style GCSEs, The first results will be for English and maths in August 2017 and for most other subjects the following year. As a result expectations and rates of progress  are likely to be adjusted as we learn more about the new courses.

Our expectation is that students progress a grade each year. Teachers will be judging progress towards these grades, this will be in students’ reports.

Broadly the same proportion of students will gain a grade 7 as a grade A. Also the same proportion will gain a grade 4 as a grade C. The national expectation of a GCSE pass will be set at grade 5.