Glossopdale School


The Vision of Glossopdale is to be “an outstanding learning institution at the heart of the community”

Glossopdale is very much a community school at the heart of Derbyshire’s vision of a “Journey to Excellence”.

The Vision is based on the four strands of Learning, Experience, Support and Leadership. 

The vision is to have a school known as an outstanding learning institution for all of its learners; an 11-18 school that ensures progression from primary age and continues through to adult life.

To develop students and a community that  are:

Successful Learners         Confident Individuals        Responsible Citizens

Who are: Engaged   Challenged    Supported

 Where all have high aspirations, high expectations and a smart positive attitude.

A learning centre which utilises the best of local resources and environment.

Using data and evidence intelligently across the board enabling improvements to be identified, targets to set and progress to be high within school variation can be identified and eradicated so that all learners of all socio economic backgrounds, abilities and cultures will achieve their best.

 As we continue to drive up standards the Glossopdale 3 Big Areas of Focus are:

 High Outcomes for all through Stretch and Challenge;

High Expectations of Learning, Aspiration and Behaviour;

High Attendance for All.

 We say:

 The Best by All, for All

Please click here for our current Progress Plan